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Air Fills

Here at Cave Adventurers we have a continuous blend nitrox mixing station. What does this mean to you? No more dumping expensive nitrox fills, just to spend more to fill up again. No more of that annoying hissing sound as your money goes up into the atmosphere. We only charge per cubic foot of gas needed, rather than an expensive flat rate. Tanks are filled while you wait. However, we do need advance notice for trimix fills.

We bank 32%, what we believe to be the ideal mix for the caves here in Merritt’s Mill Pond. (Jackson Blue, Twin Caves, Hole in the Wall, Shangri-La, Gator Hole, etc)

Air: Single: $5.00 | Doubles $10.00

32%: $.11/cu.ft.

He: $.85/cu.ft

Oxygen: $.35/cu.ft.

Argon: $.50/cu.ft.

Trimix: Varies with Blend