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About the Caves

Jackson Blue:

Located on Merritt’s Mill Pond in Marianna, Florida. Merritt’s Mill Pond is a man made lake which is fed by a magnitude one spring called Blue Spring or “Jackson Blue”. Jackson Blue is a big, beautiful, white, pristine cave that many divers consider the most beautiful cave they have ever seen. The main line goes back almost 5000′ with 1000s more feet of side passages along the way. The main passage is fairly large, but there is also plenty of small passages for the side mount diver. Jackson Blue at this time has no flow and is very easy to access by swimming, also easily accessible by scooter. (and we DO rent scooters) In order to dive Jackson Blue you will need to sign in at Cave Adventurers and pay a fee of $25 for first the day, $10 for all consecutive days or $150 for annual pass (annual pass is good for one year from date of purchase). Diving is now allowed year round. If diving when the park is open, just show your pass to the park attendant. When the park is closed (Labor Day through Memorial Day), you’ll receive a gate code from Cave Adventurers to access the park. Visit Blue Springs Recreational Area for more information on the park.

Twin Cave:

Just up the pond about 500 yards from Jackson Blue is “Twin Caves”. Twin Caves has a couple of openings into its cavern with another couple of openings to the main passage at about 60′ called the Subway Tunnel. The Subway Tunnel extends back several hundred feet with 3 passages that drop down to a deeper section. The first jump is recommended for side mount divers with good buoyancy only. If you get nervous in small places, this isn’t the passage for you. The next drop down is a T to the deep section followed by a turn in the main line, a few hundred feet past that also takes you to the deep section. This is a low flow cave and easily silted out if you’re not careful. You’ll need a boat to dive this one (did I mention our pontoon boat rentals?). It’s just a short boat ride from our dock to the Twin Caves openings. Twin Caves also has a dock, thanks to some generous cave divers whose names you can find on a plaque attached to the dock.

Hole in the Wall:

Just up the pond 300 yards from our dock is “Hole in the Wall”. This cave has some big passages. You start out entering the hole in the wall and drop down a large chimney to about 80′. You will find two passages at the bottom of the chimney, an upstream and a downstream. There is more cave downstream than there is upstream, but both are great to dive. This is a low flow cave and usually siphons in the colder months. Right now it has been good for quite a while. It also has a nice new dock,(thanks to the same great guys). Hole in the Wall is home to the Blind Cave Salamander.

Other Mill Pond Caves:

Also in the Mill Pond are many other caves such as “Shangri-la” (sidemount), “Gator Hole”, and ”Indian Washtub”. There may even be caves here that haven’t been found yet. Take one of our pontoon boats out and see if you can find a cave to lay line in! O

Other Marianna Area Caves:

There are also several other caves in the Marianna area outside of Merritt’s Mill Pond. Bozell, Maddachalk, Gadsen and many other springs are located in the area. Stop by and get information on diving these great caves!