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Left your light at home or dont have space on your flight? Need a boat to get to Twin Cave, Hole in the Wall, or other Mill Pond caves?

Don’t worry because Cave Adventurers has you covered.

We have boats, DPVs, lights, tanks, regs, and other items to fit your diving needs.

Tank Rentals

  • Doubles – $10.00
  • Single AL 80 – $7.00
  • Pair of Steel 85, 95, 108, 120 – $10.00
  • (available for side and back mount)

Light Rentals

  • Canister (HID) Light – $20.00
  • Back-up Light – $8.00

Scooter Rentals

  • Silent Submersion – $100.00/day (call for multi-day rates).
  • Get $100 off purchase price if you buy a Silent Submersion scooter from Cave Adventurers within 6 months of rental.

Boat Rentals

  •  20′ Pontoon Boat – $70.00 (includes fuel)
  •  22′ Pontoon Boat – $80.00 (includes fuel)
  •  24′ Pontoon Boat – $80.00 (includes fuel)
  • Non-Diver Boat Rental- $70-$80 depending on boat size. Extra charge for excess fuel use- $6 per gallon

We also have a canoe and a clear bottom kayak availiable for rent if you are interested in paddling around the beautiful Mill Pond for the day.

Canoe – $25/day

Clear bottom kayak – $35/day

Call for availablitiy and to reserve a boat, canoe, or kayak. (850) 482-6016

 Gear Rentals 

  • Anything you need, we’ve got it! Call Cave Adventurers for details (850) 482-6016

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